Get Involved - Awards Promotional Materials

Want to get involved? We have provided a range of promotional materials that you can download and either print or use across your electronic platforms.

Vote Now Materials

Vote Now Poster (pdf, 6.11mb) / Vote Now Poster (jpeg, 1.75mb)

Vote For Us Poster (pdf, 5.70mb) / Vote For Us Poster (jpeg, 1.59mb)

Vote Now Postcard (pdf, 2.87mb) / Vote Now Postcard (jpeg, 935kb)

Vote For Us Postcard (pdf, 2.84mb) / Vote For Us Postcard (jpeg, 933kb)

Town Centre Awards Logo (jpeg, 83kb)

If you would like any material in an alternative format or have any questions please Contact Us.

Harlow Town Centre Awards Photography courtesy of Peter Branch @ Flirt Studios Essex

Harlow Town Centre Awards has been developed by Harlow Council in partnership with Phoenix Resource Centre (Environmental Charity No: 1133503).

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