Following a successful Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) workshop back in February 2020 we have made and pulled together a range of interesting and exciting virtual activities that children and families can try at home over the Christmas and winter period.

All the activities have a theme of either science, technology, engineering or maths to show that these topics can be just as fun and creative as anything else. All the materials that you will need can either be found around the house or from many of the shops in Harlow Town Centre. We also have some art activities which can be found from the following link: Art Activities.

Santa's Grotto Challenge - Engineering

Why not have a go at making your very own grotto for Santa Claus!

In this video we show you some engineering techniques to help make your very own grotto structure out of just marshmellows, lollysticks and toothpicks. All items that can be brought from a range of shops in Harlow Town Centre.

A special thank you to Shaurya Singh for building and starring in the video and to his mum, Mona for filming!

Light Reflective Christmas Decorations - Science

In this make we will show you how to make your own Christmas decorations that can be hung on your tree and because of the materials that you will use, the decorations will provide you with your very own light show! 

These have been made with the left over sweet and chocolate wrappers which often get thrown away and they make the perfect material to change the way light reflects of them.

To make the decorations following the simple instructions which includes some templates but you can always make your own shapes!

Light Reflective Christmas Decorations Instructions and Templates (PDF, 838kb)

Thank you to Alison and Hannah for designing and making this make!

Harlow Town Centre Baubles - Art

We have created some extremely unique Harlow Town Centre baubles! There are four different designs, all of Harlow Town Centre landmarks which you can print off and either colour-in or decorate how ever you like and hang on your tree.

All you need to do is download one of the templates!

Harlow Town Centre Baubles (JPEG, 1.03mb) or Harlow Town Centre Baubles (PDF, 4.4mb)

ACL Essex Community & Family Learning STEAM Activities

Our friends at ACL Essex Community and Family Learning have been busy putting together a variety of virtual STEAM activities for everyone to true at home and each activity comes with a how-to-video guide. For more information about ACL visit: ACL Essex Website

How to make a Clove Pomander

How to make a Rudolph Decoration

How to make Christmas Decorations

How to make a Pop-up Penguin Card

How to make Salt Dough Baubles

STEM Surprise Festive Countdown

STEM Learning has created something extra special this festive season. Try some STEM challenges for all the family and discover how STEM supports our world. Each day in December until the 24th a new challenge will be released. Want to take the Festive Challenge? Visit:

Interested in more STEM Activities?

The STEM Learning teamhas created a hub of activity that can be done at home. With a whole host of activities from learning about space to dinasours, engineering fairytales to building a tree, there is something for everyone. Take a look at the full range, visit:

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